Our aim is to make your moving day as stress-free as possible. We work fast, carefully and have a little bit of fun too.


'The Brand' 

When Robyn was born in 2017 she inspired the name change from 'Move it Move it' to RWR. She's not trained in house moving yet, but very good at house destroying! Robyn loves Frozen and Peppa Pig. 


'Pack Master and Chief'

Paul is a Journalism Graduate who spent five years in magazines before running a video production company and managing a warehouse. Now Paul's 'art' is solely in the loading of vans. No spaces! There must be no spaces! 


'The Beast'

Louis may tell you he is related to strong man, Eddy Hall. Don't believe him! It's all lies! He does love the challenge of a heavy object though...



Jay can tie his laces with one hand, while still stood up! His super human long arms mean he has no trouble with furniture, or lightbulbs! His favourite drink is banana flavour 'Yazoo' milkshake.


'The Detail'

Gemma built this website and every decision that is ever made for RWR goes through her. She answers emails, queries and is generally, well mostly, well always... right.


'The Dismantler'

If you hear incoherent ramblings coming from the back of a wardrobe that'll be Reece. If it won't go down stairs he will take it down, bit by bit! His favourite foods are Ginger Nut biscuits, and Space Raider crisps.

Barnsley, UK

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